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Sir Steve Redgrave

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I’m a Chelsea supporter and I had the honour of being at the European Cup final last season. It was pretty amazing to be a part of it.

I scrambled around for tickets. In the end I was given two by the club.

I was working that morning at the Olympic Park and I had to get a motorbike taxi across London to Heathrow to catch the last flight to get there. We got to the hotel where the tickets were being held for us and found out that somebody else had shown i.d with my name on and collected them.

We were with Jonny Gould, the sports presenter, and he had a number for a few of the hierarchy at Chelsea. We got tickets in the end and we got to the same bit of the stadium, an all-blue block, and there were these two people there in red, in our seats. This guy said that he had bought the tickets two weeks before, but it doesn’t work like that. They were escorted out and we got to see Chelsea win the trophy.


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