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Derek Lilley

Footballers' post

We played Dundee United and drew 2-2, but we had to win the game to have a chance of going up, but those two seasons leading up to that were wonderful.

We came up from the Second Division in my first year being full-time, and to go the whole season as the underdog but do what we did was great.

Dundee United had spent a lot of money on players and there was also Dunfermline who were fighting away the whole season.

That game is my abiding memory. What a fantastic day it was too, there was bright sunshine, and we had stayed in a hotel in Erskine the night before.

We just went out and gave it our lot. I came off the pitch and I was in tears, but looking back I can realise what a season it was.

The crowds were brilliant that season as well. I just loved playing in front of them - I think I scored 23 goals before I left.

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