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Marko Rajamaki

Footballers' post

I don’t just remember one incident, it was the whole team. When I came in, we won the Second Division and in the next season we were really pushing for promotion to the top league; we came really close against Dundee United.

I always remember we had some really good players – we had Rowan Alexander up front, Warren Hawke came in, we had Derek McInnes in midfield, Janne Lindberg – my good friend who made us really strong – David Wylie in goals, John Anderson – a really strong team. We also had Derek Lilley who was, for me, a really good player as well.

Of course, it was really enjoyable to play with these players. I think everybody has gone on to have a really good career. I have been following everybody, Derek McInnes especially.

The thing I really remember was playing with these great players and enjoying the football, and seeing the supporters enjoy the football too. These are the two main things I remember.

The other thing was my family enjoying their time there and my child being born. They were only young but they enjoyed it really very much. It was a really nice place, I have to say.

It was a really good time for me, my wife also and it was perfect. I really appreciated all the supporters.


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