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Cameron Thomson

My son as mascot leads Accies back into the SPL. Dad was in the standMy son as mascot leads Accies back into the SPL. Dad was in the standAdd your own memory!

My first memory of going to the old Douglas Park is a Wednesday evening when I was about five. Scooby Doo was on telly and I was having fish fingers for dinner.

Dad came home from work and said he was taking me to see Accies play Celtic - a Celtic led by Jock Stein! It was a friendly, I can't remember the score , but I do remember asking regularly which team Accies were!

Since then there have been a few highlights and perhaps more low lights!

Some of the high's are:

  • Semi-final against Meadowbank Thistle that we won on penalties (the only time I ever ran on the hallowed turf)
  • Successive B & Q Cup Final wins against Ayr and Morton (and after the victory the first time we won the cup, the cup got stolen from the Boardroom)
  • Promotion at Forfar
  • Coming home to Douglas Park 10 years ago
  • That magical first night in the SPL when, live on Sky, we managed to defeat Dundee Utd 3-1, and my son was the mascot


Forty years after that first night Dad and I still go. We have met some lovely people over the years (some of whom we don't even know the names of, we just nod and say "hi" every week) - we love the banter and the comraderie.

Dad was diagnosed a few months ago with early stage dementia. I know there is going to come a time when we can't go together anymore and that frightens me a lot. I love my dad, I love our Accies, and I love what they have given our lives.

We have a brick at New Douglas Park, but we have so much more than that - happy times, happy memories and some sad ones too.

I've smiled and cried as I've typed this. Thank you Accies, and "Thanks Dad" - I love you very much.

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