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Alan McFarlane


As a wee boy my father and four uncles would lift me over the turnstiles at Love Street to get in. They always stood under "the Owl " which was an advert for shoe polish painted on the back of a tenement wall in Springbank Road (north end).

I remember Alfie Lesz , Gerry Burrell, Willie Telfer, Jimmy Drinkwater etc.

In later years, the 1959 cup-winning team beat Aberdeen at Hampden, I think it was 3-1. Jim Clunie at centre-half for Aberdeen later joined St Mirren.

Tommy Bryceland was a "teddy boy ", but some player; came from Greenock, lives in Ayr now.

Tommy Gemmell (the quiet man) wasted more outside-lefts than a pan loaf, remember one season counting 12 outside-lefts that had tried to play with him, but what a footballer.

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