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Doug Henderson


My favourite Falkirk chant is from 1990-91. At the beginning of that promotion season, we had signed Simon Stainrod from Rouen for £100,000. He rewarded us well with goals, style, the indomitable Fedora and literate interviews on television.

One of my closest mates is a fanatical Airdrie supporter and we always attended Airdrie / Falkirk matches. The rule was clear. Matches at Falkirk – we both located at the Falkirk end – at Brockville in the south enclosure.

Matches at Airdrie – we both stood in Section B of the Airdrie Support (the mini version of Arsenal's now extinct North Bank). Not a relaxed location for an away supporter (even one in disguise).

In that crucial match in March 1991, Simon Stainrod scored a spectacular goal from 30 yards giving us a 3-0 lead. The Section B mob from Airdrie (who surrounded me) abused us with an outburst of ‘He’s just an English Bastard’.

At that time, Stainrod was in his mid-thirties and I remember watching him previously at Newcastle United playing for QPR when he was a much younger footballer and on the verge of great things.

In response to this Section B outburst, our away support of over 4,500, who I could see at the other end of the ground, erupted with the response ‘Graham Taylor come and get Stainrod’.



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