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Joe Jordan

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When I look back on my career I’m fortunate to have so many memories: emotional ones, disappointments, results not going your way, not achieving your goal, but also those memories when it does go right and you have achieved something.

Since I was in my youth, the thing I wanted to do was to play for my country, and I did achieve that. My first game was against England, coming on as a substitute at Wembley, and that was something that I was really proud of. I might not have done much in the particular game, but the fact that I actually wore that jersey was fantastic.

I was fortunate enough to play a number of times after that, some good games and some bad games, had some success and went on to play in a World Cup for my country, not one but three times. The very first time, that was a great experience, going to Munich with Scotland, and playing in a terrific team.

It wasn’t an easy thing to do to get there, and as time’s gone past it’s not got any easier for Scotland, so to achieve that was a great moment for me.

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