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Pat Crerand

Footballers' post

One of my great football memories was at Hampden Park in 1962 when we beat England 2-0. A Scottish team hadn’t beaten England at Hampden for 25 years. And they were 'The Enemy', weren't they?

They were the top dogs, they had a lot of great players, but we had a great side then. Look at the forward line: Scott, White, St John, Law, Wilson; there was myself, Billy McNeill and Jimmy Baxter; Alex Hamilton, Eric Caldow was the captain; Bill Brown in goals – all fantastic players. We should have won the World Cup that year. We got knocked out by Czechoslovakia in a crazy game and they finished up getting into the final. But that England game was a fantastic memory.

The other great memory for me as a player was the European Cup final for Manchester United in 1968. I left Celtic in 1963 and they won in ’67, and you’re thinking ‘my God, if I’d still been there, I might have been playing in that game’, but then to go back in ’68 and win it, that was a great memory.

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