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Update on the project

It is around six weeks since the website launched and we have received a remarkable response. We have had 13,000 hits on the site and hundreds of fan memories. Thanks for your support.

We have also had many enquiries from people interested in either volunteering to take a Football Reminiscence group or attending one themselves. We are in the process of dealing with these requests. Rest assured, every single one will be attended to.

If you haven't heard from us already, you will be hearing from us soon.

Thanks again for your support.

Trend setters

Today on Twitter, hashtag Football Memories is trending.

Maybe it's nothing to do with us, but at the very least it shows how good it is to talk about the magical moments that make up our love of the game.

We just wish all the people bashing out their 140-character memories would log on here and give us the director's cut!

Daily Mail extract

This is coverage of Football Memories in the Scottish Daily Mail.

New signings

Our first week online produced two new volunteers for the Football Reminiscence Project.


The first person to get in touch is a retired football historian, who should be assisting with a group in the Glasgow area very soon.


The second is in England - outwith the reach of the Alzheimer Scotland project. This has given us a new challenge: to find a way to take the Football Reminiscence Project into new areas.


We'll keep you up to date with both volunteers in the weeks ahead.